Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing hooky

Well, finally Picasa and Blogger are working together on my computer, so here we go!

Now then, a girl just has to take some yarns and crochet hooks with her when she goes away. This is the result and I'm a little bit chuffed with the way the colours and the pattern have worked together. Yippee! something I quite like at last, lol.
I made the whole thing in one week (and then ignored it for a bit because of all the ends to sew in) but I actually finished it.
Thanks again to Solveig for the inspiration :-)

I played around with the African flower pattern and made myself a little bookmark

Stand by - here come the doilies (and there are more lurking unironed in my suitcase which I've yet to unpack)

I'm a bit cross with my lack of photography skills on the next one - it was a lot prettier in real life

And finally, here they are - what you've all been waiting for - this year's Diabolicals.  Heehee.

I think that's it for now - I'm having a trial run of a yummy chocolate ganache cake which I've been asked to make for my niece's 18th in a couple of weeks' time.  It was my Mum & Dad's anniversary this week so it's a perfect excuse to try out a cake don't you think?  Pics to follow (if it works, lol).
See you soon!

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