Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not that I'm addicted or anything........

I've made 4 soaps in the past few days - 3 ok and one disaster.

This one is Seabreeze and I was hoping for reasonable swirls all the way through. Not too bad for a first go at this way of swirling, but I didn't really want the base to be blue blobs. No idea why it's got greenish bits in it either, or white feathery bits.....I only used blue colour.

This one's Rhubarb & Custard. I went into shock when it came out of the mould because it turned out more or less as I'd imagined. A first for me!!!

Then came Raspberry Yoghurt. I can't get the hang of in-the-pot swirls no matter what I try. I've tried different traces and nothing seems to be quite right. I'm not keen on the smell of this one either but it's getting a bit less pongy as it cures.

All going too comes the disaster. Beautiful smelling FO but a swine to work with. I had soap on a stick and no time to even smooth out the top once I'd dolloped it into the mould. The contrast colour wouldn't mix in so I had a hissy fit & just chucked it on top. It went to gel within 15 minutes, and doesn't look much better when cooled. Hopefully I can rescue it by slicing off the lumpy bits from the top and making little sample sizes out of what's left.


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