Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's official - chocolate can be good for you!

I went to an inspirational seminar for women yesterday, and met a lovely lady called Galia. She has a company called CHOC CHICK and offers kits to make your own healthy, yes healthy choccies. Yipee!! What a fab idea, and for people like me who are dairy-intolerant, the perfect excuse to eat choccies without suffering, and without feeling too guilty.

There's a page here explaining the benefits of raw chocolate, and a recipe page here

Galia was offering us tasters of her chocs yesterday and I'm very proud to say I managed to snaffle 2 (oink, oink) and they were both delicious.

I wish Galia all the very best with her business as it's a great idea.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I think I've done it!

Well, I think I've managed to change the look of the blog to something a bit more interesting than it was, so until I get my act together & learn more about editing html code and know what I'm doing, I'll make use of the amazing work available for free that's out there for our enjoyment & use!

This background I found on a great site called
where there are all sorts of goodies to play about with.


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