Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's official - chocolate can be good for you!

I went to an inspirational seminar for women yesterday, and met a lovely lady called Galia. She has a company called CHOC CHICK and offers kits to make your own healthy, yes healthy choccies. Yipee!! What a fab idea, and for people like me who are dairy-intolerant, the perfect excuse to eat choccies without suffering, and without feeling too guilty.

There's a page here explaining the benefits of raw chocolate, and a recipe page here

Galia was offering us tasters of her chocs yesterday and I'm very proud to say I managed to snaffle 2 (oink, oink) and they were both delicious.

I wish Galia all the very best with her business as it's a great idea.


briallen said...

Ta JJ that choccie site is great!

(some suitable indredients for soap as well methinks)

Croap Queen said...

Good isn't it EJ!

Strange you should mention ingredients for soaps, hee hee. I was chatting to Galia about that yesterday.

gracefruit said...

We love dark chocolate. It's nice to know it's good for us, too!


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