Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A weird week

I'm having a bit of a weird week - no change there then! I didn't know gardening was hazardous - I managed to pop something in my back and pinch my finger in the cutters all in the space of an hour on Saturday. I've been stuck at home ever since trying to move about slowly but with a lot of grunting and groaning like an old lady. Anyhow, I had some physio today and it's a bit easier so fingers crossed it'll ease up a bit now and I can get back to work - minus the hot water bottle stuffed down my trousers, lol.  Then my laptop did very weird things and I thought it'd died - black screen, white screen, wouldn't switch on or off.  I unplugged it, took the battery out and let it sulk in the corner overnight.  It seems to be playing nicely again now though so I thought I'd do a blog post while the going's good.

So, stuck on the sofa, I got some beads out and had another play - the pattern is from Beadwork Feb/Mar 11 issue but I adapted the beads and style a bit. It's a modified St Petersburg stitch, which is really simple once you get the hang of it. The finished necklace is about 17" long and drapes quite nicely. The green version was made with 1.3mm cubes and the red one with ordinary #11 seed beads - both work well.

Right, off to walk around for a while - I'm told it's good for me, but it might take me some time to launch myself off the sofa :-)

Edited to add:  the week gets weirder - Blogger ate my pics so I hope they're here now.  Grrrrrr.

Edited again 3rd April - Blogger and Picasa have an "issue" which supposedly is fixed.  IT'S NOT, grrrrr.  You can't upload multiple pics and you can't edit the html code as they suggest, because the code they tell you to edit isn't there.  Anybody else having this problem?  It's driving me insane.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy beading (mostly)

Too many things on the go keeping me busy, but this one had to be ready for tomorrow for my Mum's birthday. The pattern was in the Feb/Mar 11 issue of Beadwork magazine and was easier to make than I thought it would be (even though it was fiddly and took a bit of getting used to as it's a lonnnng time since I got round to any serious beading).
Anyhow, the result is a bracelet for Mum, made with Toho and Miyuki seed and delica beads and Swarovski crystals in the middles and for the button. Sorry the pics aren't up to much - photography is NOT my strongpoint - but I hope you get the general idea :-)

I ought to show you these cute little pieces, found at the Antiques & Collector's fair in Brighton a couple of weeks ago. Lizzie came over from Hastings (EXPERT bootfair rummager/collector, so she led the way) and we spent a fun couple of hours rooting about. We spotted these - one little crochet hook and one, erm, prodder I suppose you'd call it (although I have no clue what it's actually for) with mother-of -pearl handles which aren't split anywhere (which I'm told is good) - and I was busy admiring them when Lizzie stepped in and bought them. I had no clue she was buying them for me, so I came away very chuffed.

I'm mid-way through crocheting another ruffle cushion (that'll be 4) and trying to knit, yes knit a corgi. I can't say as I'm enjoying that corgi very much - it looks more like a dinosaur to me at the moment - but it's another one to add to my CV I suppose, lol. Before anybody thinks my plot has gone even further into hiding, the corgi is for a Royal Wedding window display in my friend's wool shop, and not just something I've decided to do at random :-)  TTFN
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crochet bits

I've done a fair bit of crochet lately, just haven't got round to blogging about it.  Just a couple of bits to show so far - camera battery has died and the light has gone now.  Never mind, maybe it'll inspire me to take more pics another day and blog a bit more often :-)

So, first up is a baby blanket I did for somebody at work - they knew it was going to be a boy so I chose blues but tried to lighten it up with yellow and green.  It's the same pattern as here, but I didn't join this one as I went (wish I had!) and it's amazing how the dark outer colour changes the look of the whole thing.  I didn't like the look as much when it was sewn together so I did a raised join in light blue - gave it a nice textured finish.

After that, I was fiddling about with some ancient wool (which kept breaking it was so old) and found a ruffle cushion I wanted to have a go at.  Mum spotted it and asked if I'd make her one - next thing I know I had a bag of new wool to play with so I had to abandon mine immediately and play with the new stuff :-)
Here's the end result - same cushion, just different light.  The last pic is probably the nearest to the true colour.

I'm sitting here trying to remember what else I've made but forgotten to photograph - will have a root about this week and see what I can find.

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