Sunday, October 31, 2010

Playing hooky

Well, finally Picasa and Blogger are working together on my computer, so here we go!

Now then, a girl just has to take some yarns and crochet hooks with her when she goes away. This is the result and I'm a little bit chuffed with the way the colours and the pattern have worked together. Yippee! something I quite like at last, lol.
I made the whole thing in one week (and then ignored it for a bit because of all the ends to sew in) but I actually finished it.
Thanks again to Solveig for the inspiration :-)

I played around with the African flower pattern and made myself a little bookmark

Stand by - here come the doilies (and there are more lurking unironed in my suitcase which I've yet to unpack)

I'm a bit cross with my lack of photography skills on the next one - it was a lot prettier in real life

And finally, here they are - what you've all been waiting for - this year's Diabolicals.  Heehee.

I think that's it for now - I'm having a trial run of a yummy chocolate ganache cake which I've been asked to make for my niece's 18th in a couple of weeks' time.  It was my Mum & Dad's anniversary this week so it's a perfect excuse to try out a cake don't you think?  Pics to follow (if it works, lol).
See you soon!

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The Patchwork Heart said...

Absolutely love that blanket, gorgeous colours, what a holiday treat you had!
Heather x

Lululiz said...

Oh good grief, woman, what the heck is that yellow and black atrocity?? You really do like to shock me with your croilies, don't you? The others are of course gorgeous, but yellow and black, geez.

Now, blanket. OMG, that blanket is TDF!!! I love it, and I covet it, and I so want my own. As I do have a bit of spare wool, I might just have a go at one in that pattern when I have finished my lap lankie. You have to answer a few questions about your lankie first though, I'll quiz you later.

Sarah said...

You are a seriously excellent crocheter!! I had no idea you could make such complicated things. They are all so beautiful and perfect. Love them.

And now onto the last pics... I'm thinking all is not lost. No I think you could sew them onto t-shirts and sell them as souvenirs for a soccer team or the like. The colours remind me of sports teams! Just dreadful, but the patterns are great, try another colour next time.

Emily said...

Oh Wow! Good job! You got turbo fingers?

That's alot of stuff done while on your little holiday! Love that blanket and the doilies. And that purple doily is TDF!

Croap Queen said...

Thank you ladies, you're all very kind :-)

Glad you liked my humble efforts - well apart from the truly hideous Diabolicals, lol. I think they could be the winners so far.


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