Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stash-busting hooky and a bit of baking

Inspired by this pattern and blog (thanks for sharing the pattern Solveig) I was a bit bored yesterday afternoon so I whipped this up.  It will be a cushion cover, honest - the sides are already joined together and ready to go, but my camera has just died.  The optical illusion you get from this pattern is amazing - edge it in a light colour and you get a star effect, edge it in a dark one and you get a pinwheel.  Very clever.  I will adapt the pattern slightly though so that the edges aren't quite so wonky.

So, with that pattern in mind, I trotted off to the wool shop on Friday, to stock up on a few yarns to make a blanket in Portugal.  All of this cost me less than £10, and even though it's acrylic, it's really soft and doesn't squeak when you work with it :-)  I've been a VERY good girl and haven't touched it, even though my fingers have been beside themselves to get going.

And finally, this week's baking - more oaty bakes, this week made with whizzed up blueberries and peaches.  Not quite as yummy as last week's but I'll soldier on.

And on that note, I'm off to Portugal for a little holiday.  Ahh, happy hooky, beady and reading time all to myself.  Bliss.
See you soon. Jo :-)

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Lululiz said...

She calls a month a little holiday, LITTLE!!!! And of course she can't go on hols while I am away, she waits til I am back and then she goes away. One might think she is trying to avoid one.

That pattern is flipping gorgeous and those colours look pretty darned good together, whats it going to be? Cushion?

Sarah said...

I love your new wool colours very much indeed. Should make a very nice blanket indeed. How amazing to be just able to adapt a pattern like that! Very fancy indeed. Now about all these little holidays... I'm not sure we like you going away quite so much. I mean a month is an absolute age!! But have a super duper relaxing time by the pool in the sun anyway.

Croap Queen said...

Erm, pots, kettles and black spring to mind Madam Lizzie! Personally I think my timing's spot on, rofl.

Thanks Sarah - they keep telling me they're having a beautiful September so fingers crossed. I LOVE Autumn anyhow, so I don't mind what it does. I happen to have packed a small amount of wool......

See ya!
JJ xx

Emily said...

You mean you just whipped these up in one go? E.N.V.Y.!!

Lovely work! and Color Combo!

Have a fun trip!

Croap Queen said...

Thanks Emily. It didn't take long - it's a really easy pattern, and fun to see how the effects change depending on the colours.

See you soon

Emily said...

Weii2 are you back from your little holiday?

Croap Queen said...

Hi Emily, I'm back now! Just having problems with computers/Picasa and Blogger not playing nicely. I can't get it to upload any pics. I'll keep trying.


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