Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've been busy, honest!

I haven't posted for a while now - life has a way of kicking you in the backside just when you think things are improving. I may not have made any soap for a while but I've been on a crochet binge to keep me busy.

For some reason I got it into my head to make a bag from recycled carrier/plastic bags. This will be a beach/shopping bag if I ever get round to working out how to do the handles.

Then I decided to unpick an ancient jumper and recycle it into a cushion for the house in Portugal. It took me 4 days to unpick the wretched thing and a couple of days to make the squares. I've done the back but haven't sewn it up yet - it's going with me tomorrow when I disappear off there again, so I'll finish it while I'm away.

I didn't think it'd take me 4 days to unpick the thing, but it did......

And it ended up like this (as well as a whole load of bits floating around the carpet)

And this is how it ended up. I'm secretly chuffed (shhhhh don't tell anybody)

What did I do after that? Oh yes, inspired by Lucy's blog, I had a go at making a bag to cart all my crochet bits around with me.

Then I worked on something else for a friend of mine who has just moved house, but I can't post pics in case she gets her internet connection before she gets the present!

At the moment, I'm doing another stripy bag, which I started in desperation while sitting with my Mum in hospital waiting for her to go down for surgery.

Other than that, I took a couple of pictures of some gorgeous early summer flowers yesterday morning - it was a beautiful day down here in the south of England.

And finally, I HATE snails - this was a healthy petunia. I've now repotted it with anti-snail stuff on top of the soil. We'll see...


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