Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I haven't been around for a while, but I'm back now IF Picasa and Blogger will work.  Anybody else having trouble?  It's driving me insane telling me the security certificate isn't valid, and Picasa refuses to upload photos straight to Blogger. Grrrrrr

Anyhow, after a pretty traumatic time lately, I've been in Portugal for a lovely break.  It was an, erm, interesting break to say the least - with spooky goings on among other things.  I don't recommend anybody sprays fly spray and then shuts the door and has a nice warm bath by the way - it makes you feel VERY ill!  What an idiot, I should know better, and I do! Good job I can laugh about it now.

Well, true to form I had to make some Diabolical Doilies, but no beading this time around.  I took some lovely Lanarte cross-stitch with me to do for a change (I managed to sew my dress to that too!) but I didn't get very far.  In fact, I'm not quite sure what I did manage to achieve other than reading a fair few books and some crochet.

So, this year's Diabolicals are coming up :-)

I did make a couple of filet crochet mats too.  Not quite sure what happened to the pic of the second one, but here's the other - it's quite large (would fit a large tray) and took the best part of 5 days to do.

Forgot about these!  Just seen them in my album.  I was just fiddling about with the threads I had and decided to make a few coasters and a bigger version to put under a bowl.

I think that's about it.  I'm sure there's other stuff lying around I've forgotten to take pics of.  
And finally, just when you think the hols can't get any weirder, in the middle of nowhere in the Portuguese countryside, what else would suddenly appear trying to get a drink out of the pool?
Well, obviously it's a very tame budgie.  What else?  We managed to catch it and it now has a nice new home along with another rescued budgie :-)

Bye for now!


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