Friday, October 31, 2008


I've spent hours and hours recently trying to change the look of my blog without losing all my widgets etc. Not having much luck as you can see, so until I can get the hang of this html code malarkey, you're stuck with looking at a very boring layout. Sorry!

Note to self: buy book on how to do it properly.


Helen said...

Never mind Maj - join the club, lol Besides, there's nothing wrong with your blog, it is calm and pleasant to look at and I like it. If it aint broke, don't fix it :o)) xx

Lomond Soap said...

Teach you to get all clever on us won't it?!
Wot's wrong wiv it anyhoo?

Croap Queen said...

But, but it's.........well....erm...BORING! I've got loads of lovely things I want to use and I can't get them to work. Strop, hmph. I'm having my very own hissy fit.

SoapWithBalls said...

Don't forget the more you add the slower it is for visitors to 'load' the pages.
Looks good to me.

SoapyChica said...

I love the pussy cat-In my mind this is what you actually look like now!


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