Friday, October 31, 2008


I've spent hours and hours recently trying to change the look of my blog without losing all my widgets etc. Not having much luck as you can see, so until I can get the hang of this html code malarkey, you're stuck with looking at a very boring layout. Sorry!

Note to self: buy book on how to do it properly.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smelly Chick's Giveaway

Smelly Chick's is a great site, and now there's a chance to win a giveaway too! Go and have a look, read & enjoy.
If you could mention that you heard about this on my little blog, that'd be great :o)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Golden Wedding Anniversary cake

My Mum & Dad celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary last weekend. I planned to make them a cake a couple of weeks ago (Christmas cake recipe so it really needed to be "fed" with brandy for a couple of weeks at least) but I've have had a really vile flu/chest infection so it was a bit late! Anyhow, I made the cake on Sunday and then spent almost 8 hours decorating it yesterday. Their sofa is quite a long one, and the way I've positioned them is pretty much how they always sit. It was a real labour of love and I think they really appreciated it.

Here're a few pics for posterity before it gets eaten!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A truly horrible week!

Well, I don't know when I'll next be making or posting pics of any soaps/disasters.... I went to Portugal for a week with my sister & a friend of hers. What a week! I'm absolutely knackered.

Here we go:
I got accosted by a Brazilian nutter at Gatwick airport before I'd even left the UK; the windscreen wiper flew off the hire car before we'd left the airport; I took the girls to the lovely old town of Loulé to show them around - and forgot the place shuts on a Saturday afternoon; we had 3 days & nights of the most horrendous thunderstorms so had no sleep; on the 4th day we decided to mooch around the shops because the weather was lousy and came home to find my beautiful house had been burgled :-( The scumbags kicked the door in and stole quite a lot of stuff - including my camera (complete with all my soap pics, boo hoo). I then dealt with the Portuguese police (who were wonderful by the way despite the dreadful press they've had lately) on my own - had to translate and make sure my sis & friend knew what was going on as they were both pretty freaked out by it all; spent almost 5 hours in the police station getting the right police reports for the insurance - good job I speak the language or we'd have come home with reports that were wrong and wouldn't have been able to claim anything from the insurance; arranged to have the doors repaired and secured; went to renew the hire car for a couple of extra days and watched some woman being arrested for attacking an airport worker 'cos she'd missed her flight.........on the whole it was a very weird experience!

Good things to come out of it:
1 The scumbags weren't in the house when we got home. It could have been so much worse
2 I now know I can deal with an emergency in Portuguese if I have to!
3 I didn't go to pieces even though the thing I'd dreaded the most had happened.

Anybody want to go on hols with me? Hah! I doubt it very much.


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