Saturday, March 6, 2010


I got beeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaads, they're multiplyin'
I think I'm loooooooooooooooosin' contro-o-o-ol
It's the power, they're supplyin'
It's addictifyin'.

They'd better shape up, into things I like
'cos I got the urge to bee-ee-ead
They'd better shape up, and behave themselves
Or I'll be in a bad moo-oo-oood

They're the beads that I bought,
Woo hoo hoo honey
They're the new beads I got
Woo hoo hoo honey....

Erm, I had a teensy accident on my favourite bead site. Oopsie
Here're just a few, and I mean literally just a few.

I can't even see half of them 'cos they're so small (size 15s), but I've finally got a new work lamp. Ever-so-slightly deceptive on the website I bought it from as I thought it'd be your average desk lamp size, but I think it may come in useful anyway and it's got a base as well so I can either clip it to my work tray or stand it next to me.

Now I've finished the housework, guess what I'll be doing this weekend. Ahh, happy days.

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Lululiz said...

When you say, here are just a few, I am pretty sure you don't mean just a few from each LOT...... CONFESS, WOMAN, HOW MANY LOTS DID YOU BUY???

Sigh, you do realise that I can't get that silly song out of my head now. And whats worse, with YOUR lyrics!

Croap Queen said...

I only bought a few L. Erm, I think it was 13 different colours of the drop beads - well they were half price!. The others were mixes and some were 5g packets, others 11g packets. See, not many really.

However, I've gone off size 15s today - have spent 2 hours trying to tie 44 of them into a ring and work some peyote stitch round them. Hmph. I am not impressed.

I got beeeeeeeeeeeads, they're multiplyin'.....

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness Jo, now you have lost the plot as well. You've seen sunshine this week haven't you??? I just knew it and not it's made all you little English girls go all loopy. Oh what am I to do?

Now I think it's rather rude to say you bought rather a lot and then not show us a bulk lot photo. Come on impress us!

Is that the green beading you were working on last time... hmmm? Did you get bored with it. That magnifying glass really blows the beads up well.

Enjoy yourself this weekend! Remember to show us what you make on Monday. He he.

Croap Queen said...

Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Now you see, my plot deserted me a long time ago and I can't find it anywhere - not for want of looking either. And as for sun making us loopy? Well, we were loopy long before the sun emerged.

You've been talking to that Lizzie haven't you? I already explained to her that very small beads are a swine to photograph, and once you've knocked them into each other and sorted them out again, you've sort of gone off the idea of taking any more pics. Sunlight permitting, I may try again tomorrow for you.

Not bored with the green beading, just itching to try other stuff. Story of my life - half-finished stuff all over the place.


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