Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas cake 2010

I had no clue what to do  on my cake this year and then it came to me as I was trudging through snow and ice the other day.  I always make the cake myself and give it a good drinkie of brandy (to preserve it of course) and then spend hours agonising over what to do for the decoration.
After a few hours of faffing, this is the result - pics aren't very clear though, sorry.

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Sarah said...

Oh that's seriously cute! I am however, concerned about the size of Santa's nipples!! Wow. Very nicely done as usual madam and I'm sure it will taste fabulous. Your cakes always look so perfect.

Croap Queen said...

Ta Sarah. What's wrong with Santa's nipples on his moobs? LOL. You can't really see his beer belly on those pics, and you certainly see his bare bum.

Hippy at Heart said...

Brilliant JJ, just brill and thanks for the chuckle

Lululiz said...

Hahahaha, thats too funny, you always make the bestest Christmas cakes. Why oh why don't you make these fabulous cake toppers for a living, eh? Santa is brilliant, love the way he pops out of the cake. Clever you.

Emily said...


I like his belly button!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Emily said...

Knock, Knock!

Anyone home?

Croap Queen said...

I'm here Emily, just rubbish at blogging lately!! Hope you're ok
Jo x


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