Monday, February 23, 2009

Beaded bracelet

I was making this the other day and my Mum saw it. She said she really liked it, so I've managed to finally finish it and will give it to her for her birthday in March. The beads are only about 2mm across, and the needle is so fine I have to take my specs off to thread it :-)


briallen said...

Right - I'd like to place an order for two of those please when you've fixed a price!

Croap Queen said...

Thanks Elaine. I'll contact you direct - I can do slightly different colours too.
I have absolutely no idea how to price them though - will have to do some research!

briallen said...

Right - have a look around and see what others are charging, I'll email you re colours.

Croap Queen said...

OK Elaine. I'll have a look about when I get a chance - it'll have to be when I get back from Portugal now!


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