Sunday, April 19, 2009

I really should get out more......

I had an unexpected day on my own today, so I started off watching "Some Like It Hot" (which I've never seen) but it was too early on a Sunday to concentrate. I've been hatching an idea for a soap so thought I'd have a go today - what did I learn? Blue lye water does NOT equal blue soap. Hmph. It's skulking under some towels now while it goes through gel. Maybe it'll look more the right colour tomorrow.

On a roll in the kitchen, I made a yummy lemon drizzle cake (failsafe recipe so no problems with that one). Only problem is you have to wait for it to cool completely before you can attack it - it was an agonising wait.

After I'd stuck yet more laundry in the machine, my little brain was whirring with ideas so, as you do, I made some "bag bling". Crochet flowers to use as brooches or bag decorations. These are a bit different though - what you can do with a couple of plastic carrier bags, eh? :-) So, here you have it (I really should get out more I think) - plastic bags
recycled and made into flowers. Not sure they'll catch on though :-/


lcr soap said...

you crafty little whatsit, you never let on about this, humph!

Pretty little things, those, they would look great on those plain jute shoppers.

Croap Queen said...

Nothing to let on about L, I was just faffing with carrier bags today.

There may be more crocheted flowers (not plastic though) when the camera has charged up.
I agree about them on jute shoppers :-)


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