Friday, August 14, 2009

Crochet binge

Nothing croapy to report lately I'm afraid. Haven't made any soap for ages and desperately need to! Have been a bit under the weather this week so I've been at home and had a crochet binge. I've got loads of ideas going on and some stuff I'd like to make/sell to donate money to charity. Mainly breast cancer charities in the UK, and animal rescue in Portugal if I can.

This is a wonderful site run by a lovely lady called Norma Lynn and I'm trying to make some bits and bobs from her patterns - haven't quite conquered it yet, but I will! Aren't these sweet though. Pics will follow when I finally manage to produce things :-)

Anyway, last year I was sent some of the most beautiful handspun yarns by my friend Ruth. I believe these 2 yarns are a blend of camel down, cashmere and silk! Aren't I spoilt? I've waited for ages to find a scarf pattern that would do the yarns justice and finally found one the other day. I've decided (after consultation to double check) that I don't like the blue lacy edging the pattern calls for so I'm not going to do it. I'll try to remember to post a pic of it finally finished - when the millions of loose threads have been sewn in - that's the bit I really don't like.

This was a flower made from a different yarn - have been playing around with ideas again to come up with brooches/bag flowers etc after CONSIDERABLE nagging from certain quarters. (You know who you are LLL & J).

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Hippy at Heart said...

I never nag JJ. I encourage and that's not the same at all.
I love the scarf it is sooooo gorgeous and I wanna know how you did 3 layers to ya flower missus. Spill or else.

Croap Queen said...

I knew I'd be in trouble for the nagging comment J. Sorry :-/

The scarf is quite easy if a bit fiddly and the flower was a bit of a swine. I'm trying to play around with the pattern to see if I can make it a bit easier.

Lululiz said...

I most certainly do not nag, I encourage as well, in the nicest possible way ( and anything else but shouting at you in frustration is just not possible, lol ).

The scarf is beautiful, is that my xmas prezzie???

Croap Queen said...

You most certainly do nag L :-) (runs and hides)

You never know about the scarf, but I'm afraid you have lost major points for mentioning the X word in August. Hmph

Sarah said...

You so do nag Liz!! She made me get my crochet out and get going with it. And that's from the other side of the world! Don't tell but it actually at the same point as it was a couple of months ago. I'm hoping she has forgotten about it. Please don't tell on me.

Now I have to say I've been looking around your blog and you have been making THE most fabulous crochet items!! Oh I wonder if you are crocheting tonight? Calm, calm.

And as for unpicking that jumper and then turning it into that amazing cushion, truely incredible indeed. Good on you!

Croap Queen said...

Thanks Sarah :-)
Good grief, she even does long-distance nagging. There is no end to her nagging talents. Heehee

Missy said...

love that flower!

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