Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back again.....

Well, the ground keeps shifting under me so I've been to Portugal for a bit of R&R and me time. I can't believe I last posted here in August - lazy moo, I am - but in my defence I haven't had access to a computer for a while!

Anyhow, my "me time" involved quite a large amount of crochet and beading but sadly no soaping whatsoever. What a relief I hear you cry.... Hang on, though I think I did make a couple of new ones back in September so will have to look for pics (if I remembered to take any). Other time involved desperately seeing if there would be a chance of work or a career in Portugal - trouble is, they're part of the world crisis too so I didn't get very far again, but it wasn't for lack of trying. I even asked the local police when they drove past if they needed any native English speakers at the local station! Well, they didn't say no, but that Portuguese shrug could mean yes, no, or I don't give a whatsit, so I'm not quite sure :-)

Anyhow, now that I'm back I'm absolutely pooing myself with nerves - I should be starting part-time work next week, after 26 years of being my own boss. I am terrified. The only saving grace is that I'll be hopefully working with my sister so I won't be completely at a loss and faff about like a complete moron. Even though our shop (leather coats etc) is doing absolutely NO business, I'll carry on slogging away at it as I have for the past couple of years until we finally decide to call it a day. Hence "the ground keeps shifting under me" comment earlier!

When my head clears a tad I'll look for some pics of what I've been making. Been up since 5 a.m and I'm in shock - didn't know there was a "5" anything at that time of day.
So, until the fog clears, TTFN.


Lululiz said...

You are back? You had gone somewhere? Ooops, hadn't noticed.

I am soooooooo glad you are back, I did miss you, you old bag. Didn't have anybody but the family to nag, hmph.

I am rather pleased that you have that part time job to take up next week, thats at least something. Although, that will probably mean that you won't come over to visit, waaahh.

Croap Queen said...

Yes, I'm back and within a couple of hours, had been severely nagged so things are back to "normal".

Must admit that this working-for-somebody-else lark will mean I won't be able to swan off to Hastings as and when I like. Hmph. Not happy about that.

PS Missed you too you old bat, teehee


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