Sunday, November 15, 2009

Told you I was busy.....

There's a distinct lack of nice yarns available in Portugal, so I have to make do with some of the best of the worst (available in any self-respecting "loja chinesa" or Chinese shop to you and me). For want of something to do besides beading, I faffed about with 3 different styles of project bags. The pics are a bit rubbish I'm afraid, and some of the yarns are hideous, but there you go.

This one has a pocket on the front with a little scissor holder thingy

This one has a drawstring with an inside pocket, and a slidy thing I made for the drawstrings. Awful to photograph :-/

This one is just a very basic, pocket-free bag made with scrap yarns I had no clue what to do with.

A couple of little hook pouches I faffed about with.. (nowhere near as ingenious as the one Sarah sent me in the swap though)

Third attempt and I finally had one big enough for the larger hooks & scissors

And finally, I decided to make a blanket. It can get quite cold in an evening, so I took some yarns with me to make a snuggly blanket, working on the basis that I'd be nice and warm as I made it. Errrm, it's not easy to crochet in 32 degrees buried under an ever-growing blanket. That's about right for me though isn't it! Anyhow, I got slightly carried away and it ended up being about 5ft long, and so far about 3ft wide (sorry, I don't have a clue what that is in metric) and then I ran out of yarns. It's not what I envisioned in my head at all, and I'm not sure I really like it, but I am NOT unpicking that lot. Each row took about 25 minutes, so you can work out how many hours I've spent on it so far! I did it in a ridged ripple so it doesn't have a front or back. I have now run out of yarns, and am hoping a very nice friend of mine in Hastings will toddle off to the shop I got the yarns from and supply me with more........

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Lululiz said...

Honestly, sometimes I could throttle you, madam, you didn't mention any of those things before! Well, the lanky, yes you did mention that, and I even got to see a pic of it yesterday, but the rest? Humph. I love the pastelly coloured bag, the last one, thats very pretty. Like the others as well, of course, but that one in particular. Clever little hook pouches as well!

Croap Queen said...

I did too mention those things on the 'phone!
Glad you like them though (unless you're just being polite LOL).

Sarah said...

No you don't like the blanket. Send it to me immediately and I'll sort out that little problem for you. Really some people!

And those bags and flowers are so lovely too. You must have flying hands when you crochet! Have you seen those lovely little Robins on Attic24's blog? I really think you should make one of those. They are just the cutest.

Croap Queen said...

It's only half a blanket at the mo Sarah, and will stay that way now until I disappear off to Portugal again. Won't be for a while now though, sniff, sob, bawl. Glad you like it though.

Ooh, will check out Lucy's blog. Haven't had a chance to catch up with hers yet. I've seen a pattern for some dinky little angels, santas, reindeers and gingerbread men somewhere. Don't have a very good track record with amigurumi crochet though - tend to end up with a bag of heads, arms & legs and that's as far as I get lol.


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