Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lizzie's colour swap

I recently took part in a colour swap organised by Liz. My partner was the lovely Sarah in New Zealand - her chosen colour was red and mine was turquoise. I had fun looking for and making red things for her, but look what was waiting for me when I got back. What a clever lady! Hopefully we'll keep in touch too as I feel I've made a lovely new friend. Thanks to Liz too for organizing the swap.

So, here goes.

First in my goody bag was a lovely card, handmade by Lucy one of Sarah's little girls. Looks like Lucy is following in her Mum's crafty footsteps. Thank you Lucy for such a lovely card :-)

Inside was this gorgeous handmade bag, beautifully lined with lovely turquoise fabrics. Wish I could sew and make things like that!

Just look at the little tag attached to the fastening! (It goes very well with my Croap Queen crown too).

All the contents of my lovely bag! Aren't I lucky? Look at that luscious yarn. Am thinking what I can make with it.

Looks like a jewellery roll? It's not and it's very ingenious....

A lovely crochet hook roll. What a great idea and will save me a lot of hunting for the right size hook.

And finally, a fab little padded cushion. Beautifully made as are all the other things. No idea how Sarah put the stuffing in it though - can't find any seams that don't look machine sewn! One day I shall release my machine from the depths of the wardrobe and have a go. I want to be like Sarah and my friend Joy when I learn to sew properly.

So, after all that, thank you Sarah for putting so much time and effort into the swap and sending me such lovely goodies. xx

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Sarah said...

For once in a life time my name, yes my name is on a bloggy! I had so much fun making it and choosing the materials!
I love the photos!

Love Lucy xxx

Sarah said...

Oh Jo you have taken such lovely photos of your gifts. I'm so relieved you like them as much as I enjoyed sewing them for you. You do realise the little cushion is a pin cushion don't you?!!! Well you never know sometimes! It's so nice to see your crochet hooks with little beds now, they would have been so cold over the winter months.

Hope you are having a lovely evening, love Sarah xxx

Croap Queen said...

Hiya Lucy - you deserved a mention on here for that lovely card. You're obviously a clever girl at making things - just like your Mum. Keep on making lots of lovely goodies.

Jo xx

Sarah - me? taking decent photos? Lordy, I just fell off the chair in shock. I'm rubbish at taking pics so I'm glad you liked them! I did realise the little cushion is a pin cushion but I only realised after I'd uploaded it that I hadn't put any kind of scale on the pic so you could see that. My crochet hooks are busy again tonight - decided to try to make a little lap blanket for my Mum, but the ones I'm not using are very snug in their beds hiding from the dreadful weather we have here today :-)

Hope you have a great weekend x

Lululiz said...

You are such a very very lucky girl, JJ, all those things are just awesome. Lucy made such a great card, Sarah made you some wonderful things and then she even tells you that you take great pics. Hah, if only she knew the c..p you usually come up with, lolol. And if only she knew how long it takes me to get you to post any pics!

Croap Queen said...

I am a very lucky girl L.

Sarah, take no notice of her. She's on nag overload at the mo 'cos she's had a few weeks off. Heehee


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