Friday, November 13, 2009

Some beady things

I was a very busy girl while I was away, and I'm working my way round to taking pics and blogging them. (Don't hold your breath too long as you may have noticed I'm rubbish at doing that bit!).

So, to start off with, here're a few beady things I knocked up to amuse myself - bracelets so far (the earrings went horribly wrong and I left them in a box to sulk on their own). By the way, beading while sitting outside where the light is good has its drawbacks when it's windy. Small beads and windy conditions don't go together, just so you know.

This one I'm calling "Dawson's Diamonds". We had a famous comedian here in the UK called Les Dawson, and he was a master of playing the piano badly - not easy to do deliberately and still make the tune recognisable. So.......these "diamonds" were "deliberately" made to look wonky, so there. And, they weren't as easy to get wrong as you may think.

For anybody interested in beads, this was an odd-count peyote stitch using size 11 seed beads, and edged with a mix of size 15 and size 11 beads. I'm not keen on odd-count peyote as you always get one edge more rigid than the other because of the "turn" you have to do to make it work. Any beaders with any helpful hints on that - your advice would be much appreciated!

These are some bracelets I knocked up for the dreaded "C" word prezzies for my sisters. I've yet to track down some nice 2-strand clasps here in the UK that aren't all fancy and fuddy duddy looking. Hmmm, might end up making my own with toggles - we'll have to see what I can find.

For the beaders again - it's a right-angle weave with embellishment. Can't say as I'm too chuffed with R.A.W as I can't get a regular shape to my weave, but overall I'm quite chuffed with them as I've never had a go at this stitch before.

Finally, this one will be for my Mum - she chose the colours. Now all I need to do is remember how the heck I made the fastening on the last one I did in this stitch, so I can finish it off! This one is done in St Petersburg stitch - easy to do but very effective I think.

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Sarah said...

Well don't they look super fabulous!! I think you are rather clever making such very professional bracelets. I know nothing about beading what-so-ever so am of absolutely no help at all I'm afraid.

I can visualise that top one on an empire line dress. Oooh yes, very nice.

Croap Queen said...

Aw thanks Sarah. I'm still learning but I really enjoy beading. Even though it can be frustrating I find it really therapeutic too. Nice to create something you can wear out of a pile of teensy beads.

Lululiz said...

Ooher, Miss Clevercloggs, some very fine bracelets you got there! I adore the last one, its sooooooooo gorgeous!

And just look at that sweet little Miss Dharma, she is utterly adorable, I wanna cuddle her!

Croap Queen said...

Why thank you madame L. There are a couple more I think but I shall make you wait PATIENTLY for pics. Snigger.

As for Miss Dharma, isn't she gorgeous? I'll have to post pics of the other little soul Isabel has rescued this week. I'll try to write a bit about how Dharma was found etc as well so people get a sense of this little dog.


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