Sunday, January 10, 2010

The things a girl has to do

We've had conditions like this for nearly a week now. It doesn't look bad compared to some of the pictures you see on the news, but believe me, the road and pavements are solid ice under that fresh layer of snow. They're forecasting more of the same this coming week too. I don't mind the cold, but when it's so dark and dreary it gets boring after a while

SO, because of the weather and feeling poorly for a week, a girl has to take drastic measures sometimes. The little choccie alarm in my head kept going off so I had a look at Sarah's blog for this recipe for white choc and cranberry cookies. Thanks Sarah!

So, working on the basis that:
a) cranberries are fruit and therefore good for me
b) oats are good for me and low GI so they'll release energy slowly
and finally
c) choccie contains milk and therefore calcium which is good for my bones.........

I raided the cupboards (which are looking very sad now - note to self: really must venture out and go food shopping) and found some white chocolate buttons - borrowed, I might add, from my niece's Christmas stash. Instead of chocolate chunks I just chucked in the buttons and it worked quite well. At last! After a very long time searching for a cookie recipe that gives you chewy cookies, I found it. (I might leave out half of the sugar next time though as they're a little sweet for me).

I now have a luscious pile of about 20 enormous chewy cookies to scoff my way through. Bang goes the diet, but as they're packed with all that goodness, I shan't feel too bad about it :-)
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Lululiz said...

Oh you very naughty girl, you are going to make yourself sick, eating all those. Hmm, I wonder how many are left... if any.

Croap Queen said...

Erm, 1 had to be tested IMMEDIATELY, another broke so had to be eaten quite soon after, and a third just got attacked as I was on my way past.

There are 2 on the plate and the rest are in the freezer (no idea if they're suitable for freezing but I'll give it a go).

Feeling a tad green now :-/

Sarah said...

Oh dear! Oh well I'm glad someone enjoyed a recipe from me. I have no idea how they taste but don't they smell wonderful? I think they are a beautiful biscuit to serve guests as well as they look fabulous.

How awful to have so much snow for so long. I mean I'm sure it's pretty exciting for the first couple of days before it starts to get in the way. Hope it melts soon and you can get back to normal.


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