Friday, January 8, 2010

Odds and sods

Stuck at home this week with a rotten virus as well as evil weather outside, I've done a fair bit of crochet to keep myself occupied when I wasn't back in bed shivering and croaking. Not all of it was done this week but after some severe nagging by certain people in Hastings, I've finally managed to take some pics of what I've been up to lately. So, here we go...

This variegated yarn started off as a scarf but I didn't like the way it was working up so I unpicked it and it sort of ended up as a blanket. I put the black edging round it to try to make it look like a stained-glass window effect, but I'm not sure it really works. The colours are a bit richer in real life, but I'm rubbish at taking decent photos.

I don't really know why, but I sat in bed the other day and decided to try an amigurumi doll. I've unpicked her face twice now but I still think she's got a sort of freaky expression. Doll faces aren't my strong point I've decided. Oh, and the bunny I did the other evening when I was bored.

For want of something better to do, an Easter chick appeared yesterday. Pity the beak is so big - yet another freaky effect!

A dismembered bunny, yet to be sewn together.....

A croilie I forgot I made when I was in Portugal. It's supposed to sit in a square basket so the corners drape nicely over the edges. Not so sure it'll work - maybe if I bothered to press the thing I'd have a better idea! I had to work out the instructions as best I could by the way - I mistakenly nabbed a magazine written in ruddy French off the shelf. Well, fancy putting a French mag on a shelf in the middle of nowhere in Portugal. Grrrrr.

And, for your delectation, a couple of Christmas croilies I forgot too. The first is definitely a Diabolical doilie. Not quite the most hideous yet, but it's well on its way to joining the club.

Maybe if I actually got round to pressing and starching the things properly they might look better. Or not! I like the challenge of making them, but they're not really my taste at all so I've a box stuffed with all sorts of the things :-/

Then came a little heart which I faffed about with yesterday. The other design has been consigned to a basket in disgrace. French patterns are a pain to follow when you don't really speak French.

And finally, for this very long post - sorry about that! - some of the goodies I had for Christmas. The beautiful beads and beady book are from one of my sisters, and the beads all came in a special beady workbox. Wonderful! I've never tried wirework so it'll be interesting. The crochet book was from my eldest niece and is a really good find.

Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to practice taking pics. I'm really quite bad at it, so I apologise!

Well, that's me. I'm exhausted now and think I'll go for a lie down :-)

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Lululiz said...

That lankie has my name written on it quite clearly, see it? Right there in the corner? It is quite droolworthy.
And the doll and rabbit, tehehehe, they are sooo cute! Very cuddable, not freaky.
Oh, and your blimming croilies, I totally adore the first one, you are such a clever little madam really.


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