Sunday, December 27, 2009

A lovely day with my niece

My lovely little niece Rachel came to spend the day with me today and she brought a HUGE bag of things to do from her Christmas present stash. First of all we made some of these giant paper flowers, which were fun but a bit fiddly. While Rachel had a rest from supervising and lounged about on the settee, wrapped in a blanket and watching a film, I decided to make her a little crochet bunny.
Bunny then had to have a scarf, a football, a basket and finally a blanket (cobbled together from some old flower squares I had lying about). Then we made some little pipecleaner puppies but we're not brilliant at them as you can see. Rachel reckons the green one is a bit more like a sheep.

Not a bad day's work though, eh?

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Lululiz said...

Awww, that bunny is the cutest thing! I think I need one as well, with a lankie but no football, oh and a basket isn't needed either. The expressions on the, errm, doggies' faces are just too funny, love them.

Sarah said...

What an amazing Aunty you are!!! Can we borrow you? I love the little bunny and accessories (very important!) and those pipecleaner dogs are just fabulous! Oh and the flowers must be just the ticket for the winter blues. Love the bright colours. Glad you both had such a wonderful day of fun.

Hippy at Heart said...

I need a bunny too with a lankie but no football. He is really very cute. Love the flowers and the dogs an all. Glad to seeyou settling in wellto playschool. :-)


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