Friday, December 4, 2009

Grrrrrrrrranny squares

Well, finally the oversized cushions I've been asked to make are finished. Yipee! Here's the first one, made with 50 granny squares which I made in 2 days. Those vile little ends took me 3 hours, yes 3 hours to sew in, and that's WITH a lot of them being caught in as I crocheted! Just looking at the pic brings back nasty memories and makes me shudder.

Just look at them, taunting me..

Here they are, still lurking in front of all the nice neat squares..

Squares minus those ends (well and truly stuffed at the bottom of the bin)..

Finally crocheted together and made into a huge cushion.
I hope she's happy with the finished effect!

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briallen said...

I hate sewing in ends as well JJ - not done any crochet squares stuff for ages but on the last one I did I worked the finishing ends in as I crocheted the squares together.

Croap Queen said...

I worked in as many as I could EJ but there were still a load of them left. Bane of my life, but never mind!

Lululiz said...


I love the colours, I love the squares, I loooooove it, I wants it, I need it, really I do.

Croap Queen said...

Ta L. Well, if you get the wool...
as long as you don't demand it any time soon, lol.


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