Friday, December 4, 2009

More crochet, and sore fingers

This is the second oversized cushion I was asked to make. It's more of a large pillow size and I did it with an envelope style flap. Hope she likes it!

As well as finishing off the little lap blanket for my Mum this week, I also made a little stuffed cushion for my OH who has a problem with his elbow. He finds it really uncomfortable resting his elbow on the desk while he's using the computer so I whipped up this little thing for him to see if it helps. He says it's great because it moves with him as he uses the mouse so he doesn't have to keep repositioning his arm on a folded up old cushion.

I knocked up a quick scarf while I was having a break from those granny squares, and there's another half done sitting here next to me..

Oh, and I've also made 5 robins but they're still lying about waiting to be stuffed and sewn up.
I've got beady stuff to do now for presents - good job I've ordered some new specs or I think my eyes may start complaining again. Must admit too that my fingers were a bit stiff and sore this morning. I'm hoping it's just the freezing weather here today and not crochet overload :-)
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Lululiz said...

OOOOHHHHHH, that scarf is absolutely droolworthy. You never tell me about these things, grrrrr. Where did you get the pattern? I looooove those big flowers, too. Gimme.

The cushion is pretty darned fab as well. Looks very cosy and comfy.

Sarah said...

Isn't it nice to be able to whip up a bit of personalised crochet? A elbow cushion is not something you can buy at the shop, it's very special. What a lucky man he is to have such a thoughtful partner.

Those scarfs (or is it scarves?) are very nice too! Definately the later I think.

Good luck at work, I'll be thinking of you, you poor thing. I imagine you'll be on the loo all day tomorrow with nerves. Perhaps you need to put your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up.

Croap Queen said...

Ta ladies :-)

Lizzie, I can't remember where I got the pattern. If I find it I'll send it to you.

Sarah, those 2 scarves are actually one and the same, just "artistically" draped a bit differently lol.
Yep, tomorrow could be a bit of a loo day! If I put my alarm across the room, I probably won't hear it but it's worth a try!

Hippy at Heart said...

You're getting a bit fancy wiv ya crocheting Croapy. Love the scarf and them big flowers. I want the pattern an all you sneak.

Croap Queen said...

Ta Joy. Erm, I can't remember where I got the pattern but I'll have a rootle about in my saved stuff and see if I did actually save it. Don't hold yer breath :-/


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