Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I loathe slugs & snails

Well, hmph, and double hmph.
I've been trying for ages to grow things other than flowers in my teensy garden but have always been thwarted by slugs and snails.
Yet again they've attacked and I'm MIFFED to say the least. Look what they've done to my courgette plant (given to me by Lizzie when I visited her a couple of weeks ago) - I mean, it's not like I didn't try to protect it, is it? Top left - all comfy and well-protected in her new home and surrounded by enough shells to put off even the most determined creature. Look what they've done to it in the next 2 pics - grrrrrrrrrrr.
Bottom right - I'm not holding out much hope for my attempt at being green/eco-friendly - seeds I saved from a red pepper ages ago have sprouted into 5 fairly healthy looking little seedlings, and that's my very own egg-shell snail/slug deterrent - shells dutifully washed and saved and ground with a pestle and mortar. Wonder how long the poor little things will last - the dreaded S&S have scoffed my rocket too.

This is where I get even more miffed - I treated myself to a beautiful little plant which was packed with amazing flowers - all different and pretty shades of pinks/creams.

Look what's left of it! They used the corks as stepping stones I think - corks obviously don't bother the horrid things around here.
I'm going to hmph again now - HMPH.

I shall go and carry on with my crochet to soothe my hmphedness and my summer cold - maybe it's the cold that's making me more grumpy than normal, lol.
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Sarah said...

Oh dear Jo, what are we to do? Perhaps you'll have to buy some of that snail bait for the flowers. For the veggies you could try planting a few sacrificial plants. Does that actually sound like I know what I'm talking about or what?? I suggest you make a large ring of them around the special plants.

Croap Queen said...

It does sound as though you know what you're talking about S :-)
Not sure the particular breed of S&S I seem to have in my garden will understand though. Little swines.


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