Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas cake 2011

I didn't realise I hadn't posted anything since July!  That's dreadful, but life has just kind of got in the way again.  I'll try to do better in 2012.  I've been making loads of crochet/knitted stuff, but I just haven't had the time to take pics or do any blogging (anyone using Picasa to upload pics having the same trouble as me?  It just refuses to work, I don't know why).

I wasn't going to do my usual cake this year, but I started out with the marzipan and a box of coloured icing, and about 5 hours later I'd forgotten I wasn't doing anything fiddly this year!  Here's the result - I try to make my family smile when I turn up with a surprise decoration on the cake.  I think this one worked......and I had fun making it :-)

Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year to all my friends out there in blogland.


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Merry Christmas to you too Jo!! So glad you kept up with tradition and made a cool cake. Those penguins are adorable. My decorations were all bought this year - too busy for fluffing about with icing. Such a shame.

So glad it's all out of the way now and we can now enjoy the relaxing part of the holidays. Got my jigsaw going already and managing to eat way too lollies and chocs. Hope you are feeling fine and having a good time too. xxx

Teresa said...

Om my goodness, this is sooooooooo cute!!! I can't believe anyone would even dare take a nibble of these adorable little critters :)
Are you here? Over there? That's right, we hadn't heard (rather read) from you in a long time!
Happy New Year!

Emily said...

Oh My! This is so cute!

Happy New Year Jo! May the new year bring more posts from you!

Croap Queen said...

Thank you ladies.
I'll try my best to blog more this year. Still having trouble with Picasa/Blogger so will have to find another way of posting. I am RUBBISH at working with photos, so it could be interesting...

Happy New Year all

Lululiz said...

Tehehehehe, peeing Penguins, another fabulous Christmas cake topper. I wish you would make these professionally girl, you are so good at making these.


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