Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Finally Finished Objects!

My time stuck at home with Horrid Bug 2 hasn't all been wasted.  Yes, I've actually managed to get some bits and bobs finished at long, long last so here are a few pics (bad ones, sorry) of things I've had lying around just waiting for the dreaded ends to be sewn in.

This was the first ruffle cushion I did but never got round to finishing off

This one's a teaser - the recipient knows who she is and just a glimpse will be enough to drive her mad :-)

A lap blanket I made way back last year.  I'm not too pleased with the way I put the blocks together, but it's too late now, and it's only for me

I used to be more of a knitter than a crochet fiend, and for a change I picked up some needles and made quite a few cowls/slouchy neckwarmers/snoods or whatever you want to call them  for Christmas presents, and just for fun.  I'm sure I made more than this though but mustn't have taken pics before I gave them away

I know I took pics of a couple of other things too, but I can't find them anywhere on my computer :-(

So, that's the FFOs for now, but here's my house guest Reggie.  My sis is recovering after a knee operation so I've got this beautiful boy staying with me for a while.  There may be a custody battle when it's time for him to go home - he's my new best friend and has been dishing out lots of love and cuddles.  We think he's a Norwegian forest cat, but one of the vet nurses seemed to think he could be a Maine coon.  Whatever he is, he's a very beautiful boy and I'm more than a bit in love with him :-)

Time to find something else to do now after all that blogging.

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Teresa said...

Ohhhhhh Reggie is soooo cute! I'm sure he misses his Mommy but he looks like he's happy there too :)
And the cushions and blankets and neckwarmers you made... wow, they're so pretty! I always feel jealous when people finish blankets, I can't seem to find the patience for them :( and they turn out cushions lol

Joy said...

Ooooo, haven't you been a busy bee. Love the ruffle cushion esp. I think Reggie is actually OUR missing cat so hand him over. :-)

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

You are so hard on yourself! That blanket is gorgeous!!!! As soon as I saw it I thought, wow that's one nice blanket. The colours are beautiful. Love your puff cushions too. They remind me of those old lady pleated ones! You know the ones, with the covered button in the centre.

Now clearly you are going to have to tell your sister that the cat has run away and hide him in the cupboard whenever she comes visiting. Either that or get one for yourself. You need a cat!!!

I know I still owe you an email too. I see it in my inbox daily. Not good. Must do better.

Lululiz said...

Glad to see that you have been putting your time at home to good use. LOVE the pink ruffled cushion of course. Might even get to see it in RL sometime soon. And the blanket is gorgeous, no idea why you are being sniffy about it. I love the diagonal placing of the granny squares. And the colours are really yummy.
Nice cowls as well, they look very snuggly indeed.

Emily said...

Love the ruffled cushion and there's nothing wrong the way your granny square blanket! Love it!


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