Sunday, February 12, 2012

Boob hat

Inspired by something shared on Facebook, I was asked if I could make a boob hat for a baby girl. The original idea came from knitted boobs to aid new breastfeeding mothers, but there are a few boob hats around now.
So, I fiddled about with a basic pattern, but I'm not 100% happy with it.  Any opinions?  I think it needs to be made slightly differently so you don't get the holes on the increases.


Teresa said...

This looks like a pattern I've used for a beany hat :) did you start it from the top? I think it looks good!
Now, may I ask, how do knit hats help young breastfeeding moms?!

Teresa said...

Oh and if you don't want the holes, why don't you try the m1 method that picks up the line from the previous row and twists it in order not to leave a hole? It works :) but the tiny holes give it a slightly lacy look that is cute for a baby girl :)

Croap Queen said...

Hi Teresa
Yes, I started from the top. I'm trying it using a different method of making a stitch to see if that works too.
I have no idea why knitted boobs would help breastfeeding mums! I don't suppose a mouthful of wool is what a baby would like...not sure I get it, but this was a bit of a spin-off after seeing boob hats on another link, lol.
Jo x

Lululiz said...

Love the hat, but the name? Tehehehe, sorry, it made me giggle. What on earth is a boob hat? I just don't get it.


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