Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lavender goat's milk

Second ever goat's milk soap just using lavender EO as fragrance. First pic is of the soap wet and before it went into the fridge. Yet again, the colour is a bit different than I expected and because I didn't gel this one, I didn't know what'd happen to the colour. For a change it went vaguely right and ended up a lavender-ish colour.


Lomond Soap said...

Jo, this one makes me jealous. It's gorgeous!
And hacked up into nice bars, you are getting good at this soaping thing :-)
err NAG, NAG!!

Croap Queen said...

Ta C. I'm getting better at this hacking up business now - but still not one of 'em is straight. Maybe I should only sell to drunks and then they wouldn't notice :-)

On the nag front, I've made contact with the powers that be, so what about you Mrs? Nag nag. :-D


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