Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pink Peril

I got some lovely new colours from the US to play with last week. Believe it or not, this was a combination of fuchsia for the base and the swirl was wine-coloured. The fuchsia didn't colour the base as I thought so I kept adding a bit more. Oops. Look what happened once it had gone through gel.

Before she spontaneously combusts from her pinkiness, here she is cut - to make matters worse, photographed on a pink background and in a pink bathtub. :-)


Joanna Schmidt said...

Explode from pinkiness. Very cute. I think it is sweet. A nice Spring Fling!

Lomond Soap said...

Where are my sunglasses??
WOW, that IS pink, but very lovely.
Very girly :-)

Croap Queen said...

Pink doesn't even begin to describe this one - I think lurid is a better word. Hee hee. She's gone a bit more plum-coloured in the past couple of days but I think that's because the FO is a discolouring one. Not toning her down though - just turning a different shade of lurid.


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