Saturday, May 10, 2008

Washcloths & Danglies!

I've been playing about with some cotton yarn and made a few crochet washcloths for my friends. I hope they work ok!

I also enjoy making "Danglies" - bag or key charms! Here are a few pics - some I made especially for my friends and others I'm not quite sure what to do with! I should sell them in my shop, but I'm not sure what to charge or whether they'd sell. Hmm.


Lomond Soap said...

Jo, I love both my washcloths and my danglie.
Would they sell?
Oh Yes!

Joanna Schmidt said...

I'll buy those washcloths. Do you sell them? Can you sell them? Will you sell them?

I want them.


You should send me one along with your favorite soap, I will do a review of your soap, and if the washcloths are awesome, maybe I'll be your first wholesale client in the States!

email me!

Love them Jo!

Croap Queen said...

Aw, thanks very much ladies! I'm glad you like them Corrie, especially as you make your own fab ones!

Jo, thanks very much too - I've emailed you.

I've gone all shy now :-)

Barrs By The Bay said...

i want some danglies!! they'd sell in a heartbeat... can you email when you decide to list them?? pleaseeeee ;)

helen said...

I love my danglie and proudly show it orf on mi handbag. However, it is always at risk of being nicked by a certain little girl so it should come with an in built alarm.

Croap Queen said...

Ta all.
I haven't made any for a while but I need to start again. I haven't had time lately as I'm working towards my soap certificates. Scary!

H - what colour does your little girl like?

Christine - thanks! Of course I'll let you know, and thanks very much for your interest.


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