Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chocolate cheesecake

This one is supposed to be a chocolate cheesecake! I tried to do a whipped top but when I added the FO it made the whipped soap go runny so I couldn't pipe it as I'd planned. In the end, I just slapped it on & poked at it for a while (technical terms). I'm hoping it will hold its shape & not disintegrate overnight. Fingers crossed as it smells gorgeous!

This is it before I covered the top with the "whipped" soap. Interesting how it's discolouring - it's supposed to go a chocolate brown so it was a bit of a shock when I cut it & it was a fudge colour in the middle.


Lomond Soap said...

Jo, this looks great. I love it without "cream" but the cream is good too, I'm so decisive :0)

charlie said...

Yummy! It looks like a custard cake!

Croap Queen said...

Ta ladies. It's a real pity the whipped soap didn't stay whipped, but I'm not too bothered by the finished effect.

dfd said...

Looks very delicious and it does look like custard. The whipped soap looks funny. I would love to add this to my site

Croap Queen said...

Hi dfd!
Thanks for your comments.
If you let me have your email address & name I'll contact you to see what you need. I'm very flattered by the way - little old me made a "cheesecake" soap that a cheesecake expert likes! Wow. :-)


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