Thursday, September 25, 2008

A slight pause in transmission...

I know you'll all be devastated (whistle, whistle), but I won't be around for a short while as I'm off to Portugal again, & that means there won't be any new croaps for a while either. Boo hoo! I'll have severe withdrawal symptoms again when I come back, as well as a brain overloaded with ideas and no time to do anything about them. Awwww, shame innit? :-)


Lomond Soap said...

Hey JJ, enjoy your hols, even if it is raining your can dream up your soapy plans for your return. I expect to see something spectacular though :)
Have a lovely time (kiss)

Croap Queen said...

Ta C.
Don't hold your breath on the "spectacular" bit, will you?
See ya soon!

charlie said...

No excuse... SKitchen does a very reasonable delivery price for Europe you know?!!


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