Monday, September 15, 2008

Why the croap crown is mine.....

I wanted to have a go at a "round" soap and finally managed to find somebody eating Pringles, so I stole the tin and had a go. Eek! - I've no idea what went on in that tin during gel, but it's a very weird- (and rude-looking) soap to me. Or is that just my dirty mind? :-) It smells good though - a mix of strawberry-coconut with milk.
I suspect it got too hot during gel - anybody knows the answer, please let me know!
It doesn't look too disgusting cut, but I might have to set the cookie cutters on it. We'll see.....


Abi said...

I've had things like this happen a couple of times (I under-exaggerate here). Mostly, it is because my HP soap is not fluid enough and does not fill the mould properly.

However, there was this one time when I had pringles tubes which I didn't wash in time. As I was in a hurry to dry them, I put them next to the fire. The heat made one of the sides puff up inwards. Some of my soaps had bits missing (like yours) as a result of this expansion.

I reckon your pringles tube got too hot and bubbled up a bit.

Croap Queen said...

Thanks Abi

I suspect it got too hot. I double wrapped the tube because it didn't seem to be heating up (it was CP). Will have to have another go once my niece has eaten another tube of Pringles :-)


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