Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I made a hot process soap this week for my niece - the FO is a dupe of a perfume she loves. I'd not tried the Celestial colours in hot process before and whilst they don't react like they do in CP, they hold up quite well and mix in fine. I even went mad & brushed some mica on the top just to show off a bit.

Shell bracelets

I finally got to meet my friend Joy last week - we'd only ever spoken on the 'phone, and we had a really nice day. Got some strange looks in the pub with a table full of soaps & fragrance oil bottles but hey, we're soap addicts so we don't care. Anyhow, she very kindly gave me some kits to make up bracelets from shell buttons and here they are.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Washcloths & Danglies!

I've been playing about with some cotton yarn and made a few crochet washcloths for my friends. I hope they work ok!

I also enjoy making "Danglies" - bag or key charms! Here are a few pics - some I made especially for my friends and others I'm not quite sure what to do with! I should sell them in my shop, but I'm not sure what to charge or whether they'd sell. Hmm.

Lavender goat's milk

Second ever goat's milk soap just using lavender EO as fragrance. First pic is of the soap wet and before it went into the fridge. Yet again, the colour is a bit different than I expected and because I didn't gel this one, I didn't know what'd happen to the colour. For a change it went vaguely right and ended up a lavender-ish colour.

Honey Baby

This one worked a bit better than the Pink Peril. I tried to do a proper in-the-pot swirl this time but didn't take out enough uncoloured soap for the contrast swirl. Still, I've learnt from yet another mistake!

Pink Peril

I got some lovely new colours from the US to play with last week. Believe it or not, this was a combination of fuchsia for the base and the swirl was wine-coloured. The fuchsia didn't colour the base as I thought so I kept adding a bit more. Oops. Look what happened once it had gone through gel.

Before she spontaneously combusts from her pinkiness, here she is cut - to make matters worse, photographed on a pink background and in a pink bathtub. :-)


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