Monday, April 21, 2008


This week's effort is a fruity little number - smells of all sorts of tropical fruit. I stuck to a fairly basic recipe for this one - just olive, coconut, avocado & cocoa butter. But, true to form, when I mixed the 3 colours one of them was actually turquoise (well, for a while anyway) until I turned round and it had gone - surprise surprise - brown. So, my pattern (inspired by the amazing soaps at Alkali Soap Studio) is no longer red, orange & turquoise. Who knows what'll happen when it's finished gelling etc. Your guess is as good as mine!


Corrie. said...

Wow! A lovely fruity jammy swirly soap. Good effort (for a croaper!)
Bet you are secretly very smug with this one ;-)
You are definately getting better at this soaping lark when I see your older ones. Keep on soapin'JoJo x

Joanna Schmidt said...

hey Jo, this is nice. Looks a bit like Anne Marie's on her Soap Queen blog. I love red!


Croap Queen said...

Ta ladies.
No surprise though, it's morphed overnight and the colours are NOTHING like they were yesterday! If it'll come out of the mould I'll take more pics.

I was only marginally smug Corrie - I knew it wouldn't stay as it was :-(


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