Thursday, April 3, 2008

GM update

Well, the goat's milk monster is out of her mould and sitting quietly in a corner. Hopefully she'll harden up soon so I can cut her. However, I checked on her this morning (the sad life of a soap addict - get up in the morning and check on your babies) and the purple swirl has morphed into a very strange pinky colour. Not only that but there is definitely ash forming on the top. Hmph. I am not a happy girl now.


Joanna Schmidt said...


Croap Queen said...

I'll try to take some later. I'm not very impressed with her at the moment so unless she behaves, she's in big trouble :-)

Corrie. said...

Stop yer fussing and hack her into chunks :-)
You could always wash the ash off to show the swirly bits better.

Croap Queen said...

Is that a technical soapy term C? I can't cut in a straight line so she probably will be hacked, literally. When I got home tonight, the colour had changed yet again. I'll try to take a pic in the morning in the same light as the original pic.


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