Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hot process for a change!

I thought I'd make a hot process soap this week for a change - I get very twitchy waiting for cold process ones to be cured and ready to test. The rubbish effect on the top is NOT what I was aiming for (I was hoping for something vaguely resembling those of & as you can see, I didn't come remotely close!) but it looks a bit better than I was expecting when I cut it.

I don't think that'll last though - this fragrance oil is known to discolour to a dark tan, and I quite like it pale. Bum!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Hi Jo!
Jo, here. I like it! I should probably try hot process one day....can you put a wooden mold in the oven?

Croap Queen said...

Hi Jo
I don't cook it in the oven - all done in a crockpot (electric slow cooker). Not sure if you call them a crockpot in the US! It's very easy, and in a way I prefer it to CP, but you can't get as much detail in HP as it's a different texture and sets up quite quickly. It think there are pros & cons to both methods. Just personal preference I think.

Corrie. said...

Doesn't look like a HP soap. I have never managed to swirl colour in one yet.
Hope it stays this colour, really nice soap Jo ;-)

Croap Queen said...

There was alot of "swirling" with a spoon Corrie - bit like "folding" stuff into a cake mixture ;) Trouble was because I used SL, it was setting very fast and making it difficult.
It's starting to discolour now so we'll see what it turns into in a couple of weeks. :-)


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