Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baked Beans

I thought this week I'd have a play with a liquid colourant in some CP soap. Yet again though, I took out too much soap to colour for the swirl - will I never learn? I got my fragrance oil mixed up with something else too and thought it would discolour to cream (and not a caramel colour).

The aim was a delicate cream-coloured soap with orange swirls. The fragrance moved quite fast though and by the time I came to add the swirl colour, it had almost set. My timing is still off and something I'm having trouble getting the hang of. I didn't think it looked too bad in the end until my sis very kindly asked me not to leave the end result hanging about in case my niece came in from school & thought it was baked bean sauce. Oops.

Note to self: Do not remove too much soap for colouring; Read notes on fragrances properly; Stop having pictures in head of what soap should look like when it's done. :-)


Joanna Schmidt said...

Now it looks nothing like baked beans. It is so pretty. You should be proud!!

Joanna Schmidt said...

come visit me at The Soap Bar!

Croap Queen said...

Hi Joanna
Aw, thanks, but you're too kind! It's a bit croapy in real life :-)

I've already looked at The Soap Bar (found you via Gracefruit's blog) so nice to meet you!


Corrie. said...

I like the baked bean soap but can't stomach the real thing.
Waiting in anticipation for this weeks soapie :-)

helen said...

I thing that looks fab (and I think you need to have your eyes checked - again) Love the topping.

Ooh.. One more thing CQ...... PARP!! lol

Croap Queen said...

Mutley Mutley H


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