Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Just to show I can make things that work as I want them to sometimes, here's a pic of my soy wax melts which I call SMelties. I sell them in bags of 3 tarts (and sometimes make other smaller shapes too when I'm feeling brave) in loads of different lovely scents, and the only complaint I've had so far is that they last too long! I love them because the wax has no nasties in like petrochemicals etc and if you do spill it it just washes off with hot soapy water. I really enjoy making them and when I've made a batch, my whole house smells lovely!


Corrie. said...

These are so cute JJ, lovely crisp colours and layers, shame soap isn't as easy :-)

Croap Queen said...

Ta C. If only soap was that easy! :-)

Joanna Schmidt said...

very cute. nicely put together too!

Croap Queen said...

Thanks Joanna. I've actually had somebody contact me as they want to try some! I was about to give up on them completely as nobody seemed interested - woo hoo, an excuse to make more :-)


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