Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crapple Pie & Crudstard

This week my idea was a creative new croap
As ever I planned it & was living in hope
I love baking, so I had in my little mind’s eye
A soap to resemble a real apple pie.

I pre-tested the FO to see if it would go brown
But no! It stayed nice & light and would not let me down.
I rang my friend for advice on how to make “pastry”
She suggested I add oats to make it look tasty.

So, off into the kitchen I went – all fully prepared
I’d worked it all out so I wasn’t too scared.
I divided the base into 3 different parts
So I could add colours etc for my soap apple tarts.

It was all looking good, so I left it to gel
Apple Pie & Custard – it’s a really nice smell.
But when it came to unmoulding, I ran out of luck
It wouldn’t come out, ‘cos the “pastry” was stuck.

I smacked it and froze it, and then I got cross
‘Cos my sweet apple pie was another dead loss.
So please don’t look too closely, and please try not to scoff
But when I pick a piece up to sniff it, the custard falls off.

1 comment:

helen said...

Another masterpiece from HRH Queen of the Croaps :o)


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